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John Schirmer - Artist and Tour Management, Producer, Mixer

“You don’t grow up in the rich musical melting pot that is New Jersey, without soaking up some of it’s musical heritage.”

2011 Grammy nominated Producer, Engineer and Mixer, John Schirmer grew out of the very seed planted by the Garden States musical royalty. Artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Les Paul, Frank Sinatra, Paul Simon, George Clinton and William “Count” Basie left behind an indelible imprint within the soil that makes up the Garden State. An Imprint that would inspire for decades, young musicians to break free of their meager beginnings and search for something better, something more musical.

For the last seventeen years John Schirmer has strived to obtain nothing less than something better, something more musical. Cumulating his expectations into a personal journey that has afforded John the opportunity to tour the world with major label and independent artists.

As a Producer, FOH and Studio Mixer, Tracking Engineer, Production and Tour Manager, John has had the opportunity to develop an insiders perspective of the people and places that make up the fabric of the entertainment industry. This is a privilege that John does not take lightly. John believes that his experiences with both live and studio artists , and his interactions with the artists label and management on the road and behind the glass, allow him to meld both the live and studio enviroments into one unique perspective that brings out the best in his artists. Both on the road and in the studio John uses his insight, experience and contacts to facilitate an interaction between artists and environment, that is both positive and creative, and always capable of delivering the best possible performances.

“If the vibe and the energy are just right, the feel of the music will be undeniable.”

Over the last six years, John has worked almost exclusively with three time Grammy winning Songwriter and Artist Keb Mo. John and Keb Mo have established a professional and personal relationship like none other within the music industry.

 “John Schirmer is my right hand man, he is the Holland to my Dozier.” -Keb Mo

John has taken on multiple roles within the Keb Mo organization, roles that have become mutually beneficial to Keb Mo and to the artists outside of the Keb Mo organization that John has had the privilege to work with. For the last six years with Keb Mo, John has filled the role of Tracking Engineer and Mixer (Live & Mo, The Reflection, The Reflection Acoustic EP, The Christmas EP), FOH Engineer, Tour Manager and Production Manager for every tour  Keb Mo has done since 2006’s ‘Suitcase” tour. John designed and equipped Keb Mo’s Nashville based, 2000 square foot Stu Stu Studio, where Keb Mo and John work tirelessly producing, engineering and mixing artists records for Keb Mo’s label Yolabelle International, as well as scores for the multitude of television shows that Keb Mo composes for. (Mike and Molly; CBS, Memphis Beat; TNT and Are you There God it’s Me Vodka; Comedy Central)

Outside of his relationship with Keb Mo, John, through the years has had the esteemed privilege to work with some of the most talented artists in the entertainment industry. Just some of the Artists, John has been able to call clients, colleagues and most importantly friends include:

Keb Mo, Bonnie Raitt, Carole King, Jackson Browne, Brian Wilson, Angelique Kidjo, The Black Eyed Peas, Vince Gill, Lee Roy Parnell, Gary Nicholson, Mindi Abair, Dave Koz, Marcus Miller, Coco Montoya, Melissa Manchester, Playing for Change, Drag Pipe, Monster Magnet, Ween, Reach 454, Nicole Atkins, The Roots, Thelonious Monk Jr., Kirk franklin, Rebecca St. James and India. Arie.

Just as my predecessors from the great Garden State of New Jersey, I live for the moment the lights go down and the bass rolls across the floor. These are the moments that define me, the moments that I anxiously await waking to each and everyday. My life is based around watching V.U. meters and riding faders. Music is my life and it defines me.”

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Man, This Community Pulls Together.

There is something to be said about Nashville and it’s music community, and Nashville as a community as a whole. Since I have been here a large majority of Nashville has been under water, the only way you would know it though is by the sheer amount of fund raisers and telethons that go on in this city day after day. These folks here in Nashville have learned how to use there musical prowess to get things accomplished. It is an unbelievable thing to witness. Lucky for me being in the position that I am in, I not only get to witness it but I get to add my part to the recovery of Nashville. And boy am I proud of what I have done, what we have done and what we yet have accomplished.

For instance check this one out: Brad Paisley, Lady Antebellum Lead GAC’s Flood Relief Effort. We did this event last week and it was great fun. It also raised another 2.5 million dollars.

Nashville Move Is Bittersweet.

I landed in Nashville on Friday April 30th, one day before the biggest storm in 500 years hit the  Nashville area.

By the end of my first full day in Nashville, rain had gathered up to six to ten inches in the surrounding rivers and streams and was beginning to push flood levels to there maximum limit. By the end of my second day, Sunday May 2nd another 6 to 8 inches of rain had fallen, maxing out the two day total rain fall to 18-24 inches. The rivers and streams were way past there normal flood stage and the Army Corp of Engineers had to release some pressure on damns upstream to avoid a total catastrophe, much worse then the one we had. This decision caused major flooding to the area not unlike the flooding of New Orleans.

Mine and Keb’ Mo’s homes were spared from any damage, however the equipment that we use for touring was not so lucky. On Thursday April 29th a truck that journeyed from Los Angeles to Nashville delivered all of our touring gear to a storage facility named Soundcheck. Soundcheck houses all of the touring equipment and personal instrument collections of the industries heavy hitters. Soundchecks central location in the United States makes it a viable option for touring storage. Soundchecks location to the Cumberland river also made it a prime location for massive flooding.

Two days after our arrival to Nashville, on May  2nd, I received an e-mail from Soundcheck stating the the facility was 12 feet underwater and that instructions will follow. Nine days latter the waters had finally receded from the Soundcheck facility and I would have the chance to retrieve our gear. When I arrived at Sondcheck on Tuesday the 11th of May, what I saw was total devastation. We had lost everything, as well did so many other musicians. It had to be one of the most difficult days of my long career in the music business, one not soon to be forgotten.

Here is a link to check out some of the pictures of Soundcheck while it was underwater. Scroll down to see the pictures. Also you can follow the whole story at this link:

Big Announcement!

UnknownBig news form the Twelve Tone Music camp! As of March 25th Twelve Tone Music will be shutting its doors in Los Angeles and will be moving its operations to Music City. Thats right Twelve Tone Music is moving to Nashville.

We are looking forward to making new friends and new music in the New Year. Thanks to all those in Los Angeles who have supported us throughout the years and it won’t be long before our paths cross again.